Hey, what setup, tools and gears do you use?

3 min readJan 24, 2024

[Last updated 14.02.24]


Some cheap Khaki bag from Taobao with laptop compartment

Happy with this surprisingly sturdy 40 USD bag that’s been hauled everywhere past 8 years. Suspecting it’s built for military.

Bose QC35 Headphone

Helps with noise sensitivity induced anxiety, and can be used as earmuffs in winter. Been using it for 6+ years, only con would be having to replace earmuff and headband every 3–4 years.

Chaos Card

Mighty Wallet

The stitched billfold — Life Hack version. I bought both original and stitched; original version is ok but stitched one is as durable as old Nokia phones. Recommeded for those who want analog durability.

iPhone SE (3rd generation) RED, 128 GB

Apple Watch

📡 The Techie / Geek setup

Blue light + Photochromic glasses

Expensive (~500–600 USD) but worthwhile investment to protect your eyes if work involves staring at screen 8+ hours.

reMarkable Paper Tablet (1st version)

Decent paper replacement, good battery life. It’s expensive but good to have for digital nomads.

Ridi Paper

Korean ebook reader with color temperature adjustment.

Kindle Paperwhite

English ebook reader.

Raspberry Pi 4

Might be moved to smart farm section one day.

DeskMini 110/B/BB Baremetal

Might be moved to smart farm section one day.

Home Desktop PC (i5, GTX 1050, 100GB SSD+1TB HDD, 16GB RAM Windows 10)

Using it for CAD, C/C#/C++ and creative work or gaming.

Home monitor: Razer Raptor 27–144Hz Gaming Monitor

Home keyboard: AKKO ACR Pro Alice Plus (RGB/Hotswap/AKKO CS Crystal/Gasket Mount); Black-Pink Customized Spiral Keyboard Cable V2 by AKKO; Switch Gateron Milky Yello Pro 5 Pin; Keycap Black Olivia

The setup is the same as https://microwavestine.medium.com/setting-up-sql-learning-environment-windows-f62d678fe214, with Steam, Adobe CC, Visual Studio and KiCad.

14-inch Macbook Pro (Apple M1 Pro, 500GB+32 GB RAM, Ventura OS)

My main portable work machine. I use iCloud to backup Safari bookmarks, contacts, notes and reminders.

Setup Process…

  1. Download iTerm 2
  2. Download oh my zsh, powerline10k
  3. Download git when prompted with Command Line Developer Tools
  4. Download pkgx
  5. Login to Google Drive or Gmail
  6. Download 1Password from https://1password.com/product/mac/
  7. Download Cleanmymac from https://macpaw.com/download/cleanmymac
  8. Get Reeder 5, KakaoTalk from App Store

I would also pkgx install exa for enhanced terminal experience.

In no particular order, set up (don’t use App Store):

  • Zed
  • Spotube
  • Discord
  • Chrome
  • IINA
  • Keka
  • Rustdesk
  • Numi
  • Orbstack
  • Aptakube
  • Slack
  • MongoDB Compass
  • Proxyman
  • Signal
  • TablePlus
  • Bruno REST API Client
  • Streamio

🧰 The MacGyver Setup

aka fix everything in the house setup

  • 8" x 200mm all-in-one monkey spanner and pipe wrench from Homegear. Handy for cleaning out sink pipes and shower hoses.
  • 150mm (or 15cm) x 19mm monkey spanner from Homegear. Backup small handy monkey spanner.
  • Electric PVC tapes. Must have for electricity works.
  • Tolsen Auto wire stripper. Must have for electricity works.
  • Tolsen Screwdriver (de)magnetizer. Handy for fixing electronics.
  • iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
  • Sparrows Lockpick: The Classic Set
  • Wonderpung. For flushing blocked toilets. Exclusive to Korean market.

✈️ The Traveller Setup

  • Stasher Reusable Sous Vide Bag by Anova (waterproof bag for toiletries, skincare products etc)
  • UC01 Universal Charger by mieum with USB-C to C cable, Macbook Charger cable and USB-A/C to iPhone cable

[TBD]The Woodcrafter Setup

[TBD] The Smart Farm Setup

[TBD] The Home Paramedic / Nurse Setup

Other Tools

Tailor made foot insole

I have so called “O shaped legs” which can cause pelvic pain later on. Using this to partially fix the legs and posture over long time.

디베르 Semi transparent Side-opening Storage box

This is Korean exclusive brand at the moment. Bought three of these to stack on top of each other and I store pretty much all the tools in the setups mentioned above.